Learn to write a short story in the style of mid-century gothic romances published by Ace, Signet, and Paperback Library

If you're interested in stories about distressed heroines and brooding lovers, looming castles and ominous manors, wispy dresses swirling to waltzes, and ancient curses whispered by candlelight, then you're in the right place! 🕯️

This course is aimed at beginning writers interested in gothic fiction. However, writers of all skill levels are invited to enroll.

Write Your First Gothic Romance is a five-lesson activity-based course designed to give you an overview of the basic elements of mid-century gothic romance fiction, along with tips and techniques for crafting a moody, suspenseful tale.

At the end of this course, you'll apply what you've learned to outline—and then write—a 3,000-word short story in the style of classic gothic romances.

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Why write a gothic romance?

There are several reasons to write gothic romance stories, particularly for beginners:

  • Gothic romance stories have clear genre elements and well-established tropes that can provide an easier framework for beginning writers to start from

  • Gothic romance stories are melodramatic, full of over-the-top characters, lurid descriptions, and surprise twists. Beyond being fun, writing these kinds of stories can be a good way to practice characterization, setting, cliffhangers, and plot structure.

  • Writing gothic romance gives you an excuse to indulge your moody side and explore the fashion, music, architecture, and culture of a romanticized Victorian era

  • Creating new gothic romance stories can help breathe new life into this classic genre

This is a self-paced, activity-based course

Here's a brief overview of the curriculum:

    1. Welcome to Write Your First Gothic Romance!

    2. About the Instructor

    3. Get to Know the Storytelling Collective

    1. Course Materials

    1. Lesson 1. Elements of a Gothic Romance

    2. Lesson 1. Activity

    1. Lesson 2. Adding Your Personal Twist

    2. Lesson 2. Activities

    1. Lesson 3. Setting the Mood

    2. Lesson 3. Activities

    1. Lesson 4. Using Cliffhangers to Build Suspense

    2. Lesson 4. Activities

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About the Instructor

Sersa Victory

Sersa Victory is a game designer, writer, and programmer specializing in tournament deathtrap dungeons for TTRPGs. He has published a number of top-selling adventure modules, including the ENnie Award-winning Shrine of the Jaguar Princess. His other recent work includes the Kobold Press adventure Crater of the Flaying Star and Troll Lord Games’s Shadowdark conversion of Gary Gygax’s The Hermit. His fiction has been published by Scribemind Books, Savage Realms Monthly, DMR Books, and others.

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Pay a one-time fee or two monthly installments.