Welcome, writer, to Cultivating Your Writing Mindset: Overcome Creative Blocks to Complete the Project of Your Dreams!

The goal behind this course is to help you overcome creative blocks and take your first step toward making your dream project a reality.

During this 31-day course, we’ll take a deep dive into the blocks that have been standing in the way between you and creating the project of your dreams. And while you might not finish that project during the course (that depends a lot on how big your project is!), you will make progress on your project. 

And progress, as we’ll discover together, is what it’s all about. 

With the aim of your first steps toward creating the project of your dreams in mind, let me tell you something that I believe with every fiber of my being: Your dream project chose you. Not someone else in your field. Not your favorite author. You.  

Maybe you’ve always known that you're a writer. You've spent years dreaming about that one special project—a novel, a short story collection, a ttRPG campaign... But somewhere between dreaming about writing your project and actually writing it, you’ve gotten stuck.

The purpose of this course is to help you get back on the path to pursuing your creative dream.

We’ll do some digging to uncover what’s keeping you stuck, guard ourselves against comparisonitis, and take concrete steps to making your dream a reality. 

This course is for you if you’ve felt bogged down with: 

  • the years of not pursuing your dream, 
  • the feeling that it’s too late, 
  • or a sneaking suspicion that other people can do this but you can’t. 

And, starting now, no more saying “I can’t.” That’s rule number one. There aren’t very many rules, but from this point forward, no more negative self-talk when it comes to your writing. 

You have this dream for a reason. The stories you want to tell are waiting for you—no one else can tell them. Your voice matters. 

And over the next 31 days, you’re going to prove that truth to yourself.

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Cultivating Your Writing Mindset will unfold the course of a month, based on your schedule.

During that time, you’ll work through five lessons, one for each week, and thirty-one reflection exercises. The themes for each week are:

  • Week One: Creative Blocks and Your Creative Story

  • Week Two: Progress, Process, and Productivity

  • Week Three: Expectations, Creative Freedom, and Protecting Your Process

  • Week Four: Experiencing Worthiness

  • Mini-Week Five: Dreaming Big and Choosing Yourself

This is a self-paced, written course

The lessons unlock on a schedule, and you can complete the lessons on your own time. Here's an overview of the curriculum:

    1. Welcome to Cultivating Your Writing Mindset

    2. Get to Know the Storytelling Collective

    1. Lesson One: Common Creative Blocks

    2. Week One: Activity

    1. Day One – Your Dream Project

    2. Day Two – Your Creative Story

    3. Day Three – Patterns in Your Story

    4. Day Four – Patterns and Blocks

    5. Day Five – Re-Visioning Your Story

    6. Day Six – Rewrite Your Story

    7. Day Seven – Your Dream Project and Your Goal for the Course

    1. Lesson Two: Progress, Process, and Productivity

    2. Weekly Two: Activity

    1. Day Eight – Defining Your Input Sources

    2. Day Nine – Brainstorming Boundaries

    3. Day Ten – Setting Boundaries

    4. Day Eleven – Reflection on Your Project and Blocks

    5. Day Twelve – Reflect and Review

    6. Day Thirteen – Revise and Refine

    7. Day Fourteen – Dream Project Visualization

    1. Lesson Three: Expectations, Creative Freedom, and Protecting Your Process

    2. Week Three: Activity

About this course

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  • 43 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Plus, your registration includes:

  • Access to a private Discord channel and course Discussions

  • Help and support from your instructor

  • Support, encouragement, and accountability from the StoCo community

About the Instructor

Meet Beth Ball

In case we haven’t met, my name is Beth Ball, your guide through these 31 days of reflection that will jump-start the next chapter in your writing life. I’m a fantasy author, game designer, editor, and creative coach, but, before that, I spent six years teaching writing and literature at the collegiate level. Across those years, for hundreds of students I saw one constant cropping up over and over again: Overcoming blocks and developing self-belief is key to unlocking your voice and your writing.
Beth Ball is a woman with pale skin and red hair that she has partially pulled away from her face. She wears green-rimmed glasses and smiles toward the viewer.

I’m really excited about making this transition from the classroom to your living room, home office, or wherever it is that you’re reading this, because you actually want to write! And I want to help you make your dreams into a reality. 

My goal over the next month is to keep you encouraged and to enhance your belief in your creative dreams. I passionately believe in the power of storytelling. Stories connect us to ourselves, our communities, and the natural world. Stories are how we change the world, and they change us through the telling. 

In May of 2020, I achieved a lifelong dream of publishing my first novel, and I’ve gone on to write and publish two other novels and three novellas since then. (It’s even more fun than I thought it would be!) But part of what inspired this course was looking back and wondering about the long span of years between when I knew I wanted to be a novelist—in childhood, adolescence, “ah-ha” moments in college, and even into my twenties—and the gap between that time and when I actually took steps to finally start writing my novel. 

Beth Ball's book covers include Buried Heroes, Hadvarian Heist, and Amber Queen. The covers are each jewel toned; Buried Heroes depicts an arched doorway in a deep green color; Hadvarian Heist is purple with a round ornate frame showing a distant castle; and Amber Queen is a deep blue with a circular ornate frame depicting a ship on a turbulent sea.

What was keeping me blocked? Why was it so hard to transition from dreaming about a project to bringing it into being? 

In this course, we’ll delve into the answers to those questions for you. 

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that creating your dream project is as easy as 1-2-3. But you have all the tools you need, right now, to bring your dream project into being. 

It chose you. It chose you for a reason. 

Several months, a year from now, maybe two, you’ll look back on this month with your finished project in hand (or on screen). Imagine, just for a moment, what that will feel like. 

Your dream project chose you already. And now it’s time for you to choose yourself.