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We believe the future of storytelling is immersive, interactive, interdisciplinary, and inclusive.

The illustration depicts a group of people, each wearing orange and dark gray, assembling a large puzzle. Each of the four figures holds a piece of the puzzle that, when assembled, resembles a large light bulb. On the left, a femme-presenting person with curly hair uses their pen to draw a dotted line. Above her is another femme-presenting person, holding an orange puzzle piece about to snap into place. On the right, a femme-presenting person holds a gray puzzle piece toward the orange one. Below her is a male-presenting figure painting on a puzzle piece with orange paint. Behind the people are faint drawings of creative things, such as pictures, pencils, typography, and paint brushes.

Our courses are engaging, actionable, and affordable, tailored to creatives just starting out or venturing into something new. Are you ready to learn how to tell the stories you've always dreamed about?

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Being a successful storyteller in 2021 means being much more than "just" a writer.

You also have to be:

  • Super organized
  • Efficient with your time
  • Awesome at setting and meeting deadlines
  • Knowledgeable about grammar and writing "rules"
  • Good at research and self-learning
  • Great at networking to make those important connections
    ... just to name a few things! No pressure, right?

Our courses are designed to help you tackle every aspect of your creative life so that you can achieve those dreams that fill your head and your heart. Every creative person needs someone in their corner cheering them on. Our community can do that for you, as it has for the 8,000+ people around the world who have gone through our programs.The illustration depicts three people wearing orange and black clothing. A male-presenting person holds a giant orange pencil; a femme-presenting person holds a laptop, and a lightbulb appears next to her head; the third figure is also femme-presenting with long dark hair, and they hold a large orange fountain pen.

The RPG Writer Workshop logo has the words RPG Writer Workshop in a circle. In the center of the circle is the tip of a fountain pen.

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Introducing Our 2021 Creative Laureates

Meet 3 interdisciplinary creatives making waves in their communities.

We're proud to introduce the inaugural 2021 Storytelling Collective laureates.

These three creatives are innovative storytellers whose work blurs the lines between genres and medium. As laureates, they've each received a $200 honorarium for a 2021 creative project. You'll hear from our laureates throughout the year, but in the meantime, get to know them!

Collette Quach

Interactive Media Scholar, Game Designer, Filmmaker

Collette (she/they) is a writer and game designer based in California. Her focus is on analog games and tabletop RPGs. She has a passion for creating fantasy worlds based on non-European cultures and using games as a way to tell stories from marginalized communities. Her work can be found in Uncaged, Book of Seasons: Solstices, and the Unbreakable Anthology. Currently she is a MfA student in Interactive Media and Game Design at USC. Follow her on twitter @collettequach.
Collette is an Asian person with black and green hair pushed to the side. She wears glasses and a bomber jacket with colorful embroidery. She smiles at you. Behind them is a dark green cactus.

Chris Bissette

Musician, Game Designer, Storyteller

Chris Bissette is an ENnie-nominated musician and designer of over 20 games. Their journaling RPG The Wretched was one of Tabletop Gaming Magazine's "Best Games of 2020," spawning hundreds of games based on its Wretched & Alone engine. Freelance writing includes The Gauntlet and Onyx Path Publishing, among others. More at
Chris is a while male with dark brown and reddish hair and a beard. He has a nose ring in his right nostril. He wears a black and white t-shirt and looks toward you with a studious expression.

Insha Fitzpatrick

Graphic Novelist, Horror Writer and Editor, Narrative Designer

Insha is a New Jersey-based writer and editor. She's also the founder of DIS/MEMBER, a horror genre website, and co-writer of middle-grade graphic novel series Oh My Gods! (Etch, 2021). Talk to her about spooky movies, monsters, true crime, or Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.
Insha is a Black Woman with dark hair that is golden at the ends. She wears clear-rimmed glasses and a dark t-shirt. She looks at you with clever eyes and a slight half-smile.

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A note from our director:

"Let's make 2021 our most creative year yet!" — Ashley

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Ashley is a white woman with long dark hair. She wears a black sweater and a tan and black plaid scarf. She smiles at you.

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Here's what StoCo alumni have to say:

Christopher Harding (@Xanethlyon)

RPG Writer Workshop Participant

Joining the RPG Writer Workshop has been the most fulfilling and welcoming experience that I've had in a long time. The connections and friends made, the knowledge gained and the confidence I have has grown. I've gone from being unpublished (and no writing projects), to 2 adventures, 3 supplements, a few collaborative projects, as well as charity bundles in just 7 months. I highly recommend joining the discord and the courses whenever possible. They've proven invaluable for getting my foot in the door and learning how to be a TTRPG writer.

TL Massey (@tlmasseywrites)

RPG Writer Workshop Participant

The RPGWW is not only a fantastic little community, it's also a powerhouse of project management for first-time TTRPG writers. Even if you're an experienced writer or illustrator, the RPGWW framework is a great new way to think about a module from start to finish. Best part about the community? You have baked in real-time access to peers and resources to make your debut into the TTRPG scene. Bonus: You'll still have them when you stick around after you publish module #1. I'm very pleased with how much I've been able to get done since I joined.

Matthew Wulf

RPG Writer Workshop Participant

The Write Your First Adventure workshop gave me the tools, motivation, and communal resources to publish my first TRPG adventure. The importance of having a defined goal every day cannot be overstated. This course will make you a better author and a better game master, guaranteed.

Michael Reid,

RPG Writer Workshop Participant

The RPG Writer Workshop is the perfect starting point for writers breaking into the tabletop industry. The structure of the course provides a strong foundation for developing each individual's method for writing TTRPG material, while the encouraging instructors and fellow students offer something even more important: community. Crafting my first adventure for the DMs Guild, "False Profits," as part of the July 2020 RPG Writer Workshop was a transformative experience for me as a new independent TTRPG writer. I can't recommend it enough!

Your storytelling adventures await!

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