Rewards are one of the core tenets of good game design.

Learn how to create rewards and treasures that will "Wow!" players and Game Masters.

Instructor Sersa Victory is a prolific game designer and game theory expert. This course is all about treasure and rewards, and how to incorporate both as narrative features and gameplay into your tabletop roleplaying games. Learn the theory behind rewards and treasures; study published games with a critical eye; complete activities to guide your scholarship; and design unique and memorable rewards and treasures.

This is a must-take course for narrative and game designers of all levels. 

This is a self-paced, activity-based course

Here's a brief overview of the curriculum:

    1. Welcome to Dungeon Design Essentials!

    2. About the Instructor

    3. Get to Know the Storytelling Collective

    1. Lesson 1. Role of Treasure in Dungeon Adventures

    2. Lesson 1. Assignment #1

    3. Lesson 1. Assignment #2

    1. Lesson 2. Reward Types: Sustenance, Facility, Access, and Glory

    2. Lesson 2. Assignment #1

    3. Lesson 2. Assignment #2

    1. Lesson 3. Using Rewards to Present Hard Choices

    2. Lesson 3. Assignment #1

    3. Lesson 3. Assignment #2

    1. Lesson 4. Intangible Rewards

    2. Lesson 4. Assignment #1

    3. Lesson 4. Assignment #2

    1. Lesson 5. Monsters and Traps as Rewards

    2. Lesson 5. Assignment #1

    3. Lesson 5. Assignment #2

About this course

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About the Instructor

Sersa Victory

Sersa Victory is editor-in-chief of Trident Gamebooks, which publishes pick-a-path fantasy adventure stories such as Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood, Trial of the Wolf Girls, and the upcoming Forge of the Molten Queen. He is also an ENnie-award-winning tabletop game designer whose work includes the traps collection Testament of Malice and the bestselling dungeon modules Tomb of Mercy and Necropolis of the Mailed Fist. His game design has won him many contest titles, including Monarch of the Monsters (Kobold Press) and Apprentice of Acererak (Wizards of the Coast).

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