Short Story September is a month-long writing challenge to help writers draft, write, and submit a short story to a literary publication.

Join Ashley Warren from Storytelling Collective and Beth Ball from Grove Guardian Press for an exciting, engaging month of literary fun!

Work through eight helpful lessons over the course of the month, partake in recommended reading, get access to the Discord channel, and receive additional support and resources to help you succeed.

Your registration includes:

  • LESSONS: The eight lessons compose two “tracks”: the logistical side of planning and submitting creative work, and the literary theory and analysis of short stories. (Registration includes both tracks.)

  • DISCORD CHANNEL: Upon registering, you’ll be invited to a Discord channel with fellow storytellers. This creative, supportive community is an invaluable resource for any writer.

  • RECOMMENDED READING: Selected by Beth Ball, you’ll receive recommended short stories to read and study throughout the month. Reading makes us better writers!

  • GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT: Ashley and Beth will be providing guidance and support throughout the month. If you need accountability to stay on track or want to chat about story structure, we’re here for you!

About Beth and Ashley

Cultivating Your Writing Mindset Beth Ball

Beth Ball is a fantasy author, TTRPG game designer, literary scholar, and editor. She's a strong believer in creative processes and the importance that mindset plays in helping writers transform the seeds of a story into a fully fledged and blossoming narrative. Her editing portfolio includes several essay collections, the intro to literature textbook for her university, and a special issue of the American Book Review about literary activism. She taught writing and literature courses for six years before making the transition to editing for indie authors and other creators. Visit Red Wolf Editorial to find out more.

Director Ashley Warren

I'm Ashley Warren, the founder and director of the Storytelling Collective. I'm a former college English teacher, journalist, magazine editor, and literacy research academic. At present, I'm a full-time creative content strategist, a bestselling RPG designer, and a mentor for creatives like you! You might know me from projects including Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden; the Uncaged Anthology; The Citizen's Guide to Research; or my company, Scribemind. The one thing that links all of my creative projects is my passion for process and making creativity an organic part of our lives. I know what it's like to be daunted by the creative process, and I'm here to help. I've worked with hundreds of writers all over the world and I can't wait to work with you!

Hear what a past participant has to say:

Azra Hawthorne

2020 Participant

Short Story September helped further solidify ideas I've had for 10+ years into a solid cohesive thing that I can now look back on with pride and joy.

Short Story September begins on September 1st!

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