We can make our creative communities better.

What if being an independent creative meant feeling empowered, supported, inspired, and prosperous?

We think it can.

That's why we're calling 2023 the Year of Mindful Creativity: to take real steps toward making independent creative communities more inclusive, inviting, and accessible by changing the way we approach creative work. Will you join us?
A femme-presenting person sits on the ground, legs crossed. They hold a notebook and a pen. Above them, shapes indicating creativity *(lightbulbs, question marks, puzzle pieces) float up and down.

What does it mean to be a Mindful Creative? Here's our manifesto.

Repeat after us:

In 2023, I pledge to...

  • Commit to fewer, better projects

  • Seek out projects that fuel my soul

  • Prioritize rest and self-care rather than glamorizing “the grind”

  • Find joy in every step of the creative process

  • Treat my fellow creatives as collaborators, not competitors

  • Vet the platforms and tools I use to make my art

  • Share knowledge and best practices to foster a culture of learning and mentorship

  • Embrace the unique perspective I bring to my art and creativity

  • Practice my craft by finishing the projects I start

  • Use storytelling and creativity as a force for good

Ready to take the pledge?

What does it mean to "take the pledge"?

Pledging to The Year of Mindful Creativity simply means that you...

a) Will do your best to embody the tenets of TYOMC manifesto throughout 2023

b) Want some free goodies from us to help you do that

That's it! There's nothing else we want from you. True to our mission, the Storytelling Collective exists to help independent and interdisciplinary storytellers learn and feel supported.


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