What is "fanfiction"?

Fanfiction refers to the stories fans write based on existing works of fiction. Fanfic writers create and explore new stories and plots featuring their favorite characters and settings!

Welcome to the inaugural #StoCoFanfic Challenge

August 17 - August 31, 2022

Join us for a 100% free two-week-long writing challenge, complete with guidance on getting started with fanfiction, prompts, and fun resources!

Why write fanfiction?

➡️ The short answer? Because it's FUN!

➡️ The long answer? Because there are a ton of benefits for writers

  • Writers often forget that the most important person they should write for is themselves! Fanfiction is the perfect reminder that writing can, and should be, indulgent.
  • It's a great way to practice your writing craft. Make use of existing plots, settings, characters, and more, and reimagine those elements without starting from scratch.
  • Find a community, and even build an audience for your other writing, by using fanfic for friendship and creative networking!

Register now and join us in the #stoco-fanfic channel on Discord.

Challenge Schedule

Here's an overview of the two-week challenge, and what you can expect

Days 1-2: Selecting a Fandom and Prepping Your Hype Materials

Think about which fandom you want to write for and prep your hype materials (playlists and moodboards!).

Unlocks August 17

Day 3-4: Fanfiction Basics

Learn about where you can publish your fanfiction and how to make the most of these community platforms.  

Unlocks August 19

Days 5-6: Prompt #1

Time to write! Use this prompt to start writing. 

Unlocks August 21

Days 7-8: Prompt #2

Incorporate prompt #2 into your work-in-progress OR write a new short fic inspired by it. 

Unlocks August 23

Days 9-10: Prompt #3

Use prompt #3 to guide your writing.

Unlocks August 25

Days 11-12: Prompt #4

Use prompt #4 to guide your writing.

Unlocks August 27

Days 13: Editing and Cover Design

Time to edit your fanfic and prepare to publish! Take some time to polish up that writing, and complete an activity to design a cover for your fic. 

Unlocks August 29

Day 14: Wrap-up and Extra Resources

Prepare to publish! Then, we'll all share and celebrate!

Unlocks August 31

About the Instructor

This creative challenge was designed and developed by comic book creator, and mega nerd, Kayla Cline

Kayla Cline

Kayla Cline is a graphic novelist and illustrator based on the East Coast. She is the co-writer and illustrator of The Rite of Rumble, which recently raised over 600% of its funding goal on IndieGogo. She has illustrated for Hit Point Press, Wizards of the Coast, and for many other community driven tabletop roleplaying products. Her work is featured in the comics anthology Insider Art. She can be found recording her podcast Spooky Scouts, designing clothing for the brand We Crowing Hens, or just coming up with new creative ways to connect with communities.

#StoCoFanfic Challenge kicks off on August 17th

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