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March 2023 Reads

Call of Cthulhu Starter Set & Gateways to Terror Supplement

We're kicking off Bookwyrms with Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition by Chaosium! Digital copies of both books were generously provided by Chaosium for use by Bookwyrms!

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📚 Reading Schedule

Here's what we'll be reading over the next few months!




March Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Starter Set Paul Fricker
April Pathfinder 2nd Edition Core Rulebook Grady Wang
May Blades in the Dark Pam Punzalan
June Starfinder Core Rulebook Alison Cybe
Chris Bissette
August World of Darkness Alison Cybe

More games TBA! Want to pitch your game as a Bookwyrms read? Email

Paul Fricker

Facilitator - Call of Cthulhu

Paul Fricker (he/him) is a freelance writer and games designer. In partnership with Mike Mason, Paul is best known for writing and revising the latest edition of Chaosium’s award-winning RPG, Call of Cthulhu. Over the years he has participated in the creation and development of numerous scenarios and campaigns, beginning with “Gatsby and the Great Race,” back in 2005. At the time of writing, Paul has one scenario on the Miskatonic Repository, the Gold best-seller Full Fathom Five, with more planned.

Paul is also one of the hosts of the horror and gaming podcast, The Good Friends of Jackson Elias. He often can be found on Twitter (@paulfricker), where he endeavors to focus on the important topics in life; gaming, music, and food.

Grady Wang

Facilitator - Pathfinder

Grady Wang (he/him) is a writer, filmmaker, and cat enthusiast best known as co-founder of The Gallant Goblin, a TTRPG YouTube channel. Grady is active in the Pathfinder creative community and, through the Gallant Goblin, produces how-to videos on learning the game. He is also an avid writer; DMs Guild credits include the platinum bestselling The Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Kill Bhaal Vol. 1, which was written during the Summer 2020 RPG Writer Workshop. He's been a returning champion on D&D's Design Dash and is a contributing instructor to Storytelling Collective's Write Your First Adventure program.

Alison Cybe

Facilitator - Starfinder & World of Darkness

Alison Cybe (they/them) is an award-nominated fantasy and horror author with multiple books and short story publications under their belt.

They work as a freelance writer for tabletop RPG publishers, where credits include fiction for Green Ronin, Onyx Path Publishing, and Paizo, and adventures created for Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder, World of Darkness, Star Trek Adventures and many more!

Recent work includes the comedy fantasy novel Realms of Valeron by Dreamsphere Books, with contributions to other works including Phantasmagoria magazine, Soteira Press, HellBound Books, the multi-award winning NoSleep Podcast, and “Black Rainbow” — a horror anthology with LGBTQIA themes written by LGBTQIA authors and allies.

They have a degree in Film & Media with a minor in sociology and media. Alison is non-binary and their pronouns are they/them. They were born in Scotland and currently live in England, where they are co-manager of a large gaming club. Alison has written extensively on inclusion and positive representation within the gaming community, in particular with relation to LGBTQ+ and transgender visibility, in several gaming publications and blogs.

They are also the manager of the gaming website in which they write articles, editorials and reviews. Their interests include Celtic mythology, transhumanism, garage kits, and pet rats.

Chris Bissette

Facilitator - Mörk Borg

Chris Bissette (they/he) is an ENnie-nominated musician and designer of over 20 games. Their journaling RPG The Wretched was one of Tabletop Gaming Magazine's "Best Games of 2020," spawning hundreds of games based on its Wretched & Alone engine. Freelance writing includes The Gauntlet and Onyx Path Publishing, among others. Learn more at

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