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November 2023 Read


The RuneQuest Starter Set contains everything you need to play the world’s best roleplaying game of gods, cults, magic, family, and fantasy!
RuneQuest core rulebook

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📚 Reading Schedule

Here's what we'll be reading over the next few months!




March Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Starter Set Paul Fricker
April Pathfinder 2nd Edition Core Rulebook Grady Wang
May Blades in the Dark Pam Punzalan
June Starfinder Core Rulebook Alison Cybe
Chris Bissette
August World of Darkness Alison Cybe
September FATE Dylan Greene
October Good Society Fiona Howat
November RuneQuest Nick Brooke

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Nick Brooke

Facilitator - RuneQuest

Nick Brooke is one of the Community Ambassadors for Chaosium’s community content programmes at DriveThruRPG. Although happy to assist creators in any programme, his particular interest is the Jonstown Compendium, Chaosium’s programme for independent creators of gaming material for RuneQuest and Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha.

In 1991 Greg Stafford introduced Nick to David Hall, founder of the influential Gloranthan gaming zine “Tales of the Reaching Moon.” For the next decade Nick helped produce the magazine and the Convulsion UK gaming conventions. Nick co-wrote two live-action Gloranthan games and was a prolific contributor to the RuneQuest and Glorantha mailing lists and conventions, hosting Cultural Exchanges, Storytelling Contests and Singalongs in the UK, North America, Australia and Germany.

In 2020 he published “A Rough Guide to Glamour” on the Jonstown Compendium. This was the community content site’s first Gold best-seller and first print-on-demand title, which went on to win the Gold ENnie Award for Best Organized Play 2021. He was awarded the Greg Stafford Memorial Award for Gloranthan Fandom and appointed a Community Ambassador by Chaosium in October 2020.

Born in London, Nick studied ancient and mediæval history at Balliol College, Oxford. He has worked as a chartered accountant, business process analyst and internal auditor. Nick is married to Julie, and lives in Lewisham, south-east London.

Chris Bissette

Facilitator - Mörk Borg

Chris Bissette (they/he) is an ENnie-nominated musician and designer of over 20 games. Their journaling RPG The Wretched was one of Tabletop Gaming Magazine's "Best Games of 2020," spawning hundreds of games based on its Wretched & Alone engine. Freelance writing includes The Gauntlet and Onyx Path Publishing, among others. Learn more at

Grady Wang

Facilitator - Pathfinder

Grady Wang is a writer and video producer who has worked in the tabletop RPG industry since 2018 when he launched The Gallant Goblin YouTube review channel with his partner, Theo Thourson. He is a freelance writer for Paizo with credits in the upcoming Season of Ghosts adventure path, Lost Omens Tian Xia World Guide, and Lost Omens Tian Xia Character Guide.

In addition to second edition Pathfinder, Grady has also written for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, including an adventure in Uncaged: Goddesses, which won the gold Ennie for Best Adventure in 2022. Science fiction is another passion, with work for third-party Starfinder and for Vast Grimm, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi hack of Mörk Borg. On the cuter side of content, he is also developing a line of plushies based on creatures that are less often represented as player characters, starting with a rainbow set of kobolds.

Pam Punzalan

Facilitator - Blades in the Dark

Pam Punzalan (She/They) is a Nebula-award nominated Filipina queer a ttrpg game designer, writer, editor, and consultant based in Ontario, Canada. Some of her credits include D&D: Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, Hunter: The Reckoning, Starfinder: Galactic Magic & Tech Revolution, Spire: Shadow Operations, and Thirsty Sword Lesbians. She is a recurring lecturer for Writing the Other, a member of Big Bad Con’s PoC Programming Committee, and a part of the Diana Wynn Jones Awards Committee.

Paul Fricker

Facilitator - Call of Cthulhu

Paul Fricker (he/him) is a freelance writer and games designer. In partnership with Mike Mason, Paul is best known for writing and revising the latest edition of Chaosium’s award-winning RPG, Call of Cthulhu. Over the years he has participated in the creation and development of numerous scenarios and campaigns, beginning with “Gatsby and the Great Race,” back in 2005. At the time of writing, Paul has one scenario on the Miskatonic Repository, the Gold best-seller Full Fathom Five, with more planned.

Paul is also one of the hosts of the horror and gaming podcast, The Good Friends of Jackson Elias. He often can be found on Twitter (@paulfricker), where he endeavors to focus on the important topics in life; gaming, music, and food.

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